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Daily average miles: 106Average speed: 13mphCentury rides: 97Countries crossed: 32

This website is an account of various trips that will eventually link together a global circumnavigation of some 16,000 miles over 4 continents by bicycle. As is clear from the world map, our planet is vast and varied, and the tiny amount I have visited represents just some of the tamer places. I'll leave the really wild regions to the brave! You can read about my inspiration for this whole venture here.

It's not just a site for cyclists: I hope that anyone, whether intrepid explorer or armchair traveller will find it of interest. If this site is in part a travel guide, part route planner, interspersed with a few amusing anecdotes then it will have been a success. If it raises a good few quid for Sustrans, all the more so.

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It's very much a work in progress, so watch out for upcoming reports from Eastern Australia, Tibet and China. Please press Ctrl-D to bookmark this site. Navigate via the blue menu at the top.

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